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I'm just currently in a state of disbelief/awe/extreme happiness/almost crying over the fact that Brock & Misty are going to be in two episodes of the Sun & Moon anime!!! They get to meet all of the Alola group!! They get to hang out & talk & be there & just!!!!!

I'm so, so, so incredibly happy. I missed them. I missed seeing them. I want many things from these episodes, but I'll be more than satisfied by whatever I get.

Misty, Ash, Pikachu & Brock walking down a path together.


piles & piles

Someday I really do need to sort through the tremendous backlog of comics I have in my house that I haven't read yet.

Maybe in a best-case scenario I can finish reading Archie Sonic before IDW Sonic starts up.

another meme

Send me a character, and I’ll answer:

How do I feel about this character:
What do I like/admire about this character:
What do I dislike about this character:
Favourite moment for this character:
Who I ship romantically with this character and why:
Who are my platonic ships for this character and why:
Things done in fanfiction with this character that annoy me:
Things done in fanfiction with this character I want to see more of:


Just a post to say I love my son Steven Quartz Universe.

so close

Oh gosh a big thunderstorm is going on outside. Waiting upstairs w/ the computer room door open just in case my mom needs us to go to the basement... I hope it's over soon, and the power doesn't go out; for both important reasons & shallow reasons like me needing to write up a post on tumblr for a fanmix I just posted. ;;

Anyway, only 2 more days until Sailor Moon Crystal premieres! I've been waiting for over 2 years, and I'm just so excited, and frankly overwhelmed if I think about it for too long.


 My dad's recovering from a follow-up surgery to one he had back in August. He's doing okay, just... in pain and lying on the couch most of the day. I'm really relieved that it went alright.

Also, I am really enjoying Steven Universe. Everyone on that show is so cute. <33


I've been really enjoying the two episodes of Happiness Charge Precure that have aired so far! Megumi & Hime are gigantic sweeties.

And the Sonic Boom cartoon/video game is probably going to send me face-deep into the tweeniest parts of my life.

another year older [FAMILY, FOOD, MONEY]

So, yesterday was my 21st birthday, and it was a pretty nice day. My family and I went to IHOP, and I had delicious food. Then we went home and I had a baby slice of birthday cake after I unwrapped presents.

presentsCollapse )

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