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[atla] - okay we love each other
I've been really enjoying the two episodes of Happiness Charge Precure that have aired so far! Megumi & Hime are gigantic sweeties.

And the Sonic Boom cartoon/video game is probably going to send me face-deep into the tweeniest parts of my life.

another year older [FAMILY, FOOD, MONEY]

[sth] - set out for adventure
So, yesterday was my 21st birthday, and it was a pretty nice day. My family and I went to IHOP, and I had delicious food. Then we went home and I had a baby slice of birthday cake after I unwrapped presents.

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bearer of gifts [CHRISTMAS, FOOD, FAMILY]

[princess tutu] - a rare smile from her
Celebrated Christmas w/ my family today by unwrapping presents & having stuffing & chex mix. It was alright. I'll talk about my presents under the cut!

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I love all of you, everyone! I hope you have a nice rest of the year, and a happy new year! :)


[precure] - a milky dream
Finally... all of Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! is subbed. I've been waiting for this so long... Now I can finally finish the series... half a year after I started. :,)

Then I can move onto Fresh & maybe rewatch HeartCatch & then watch Suite & Smile! Then rewatch DokiDoki all the way through w/ actual subs, and be pumped for HappinessCharge coming out in a few months!

... Magical girl shows are basically my life-blood most of the time.


such good kids

[bleach] - strength in each other
Been keeping up w/ the Pokemon XY anime!



the 12th will be a good day [INJURIES]

[pkmon] - i might get fangirl everywhere
It's so close to the release of Pokemon XY! I'm so excited & probably feeling like it's a 2nd/early(?) Christmas for me. I love fairy-type Pokemon already, and I'm excited to have a starter & do things on my new 3DS, & to catch Pokemon. And probably get headaches from the 3D at points, because that's how I roll.

And maybe I'll get New Leaf so I can finally get back into an Animal Crossing game! One that I'll probably be able to play w/ other people visiting my town, even!

pokemon: the origin

[pkmon] - otp
That was a fun special to watch live on a stream. Really cute to see Naruto's VA play Red, and to see that really good battle animation!

There was a shot of Misty, so that helped out as well. And my brother's reaction to the Charizard thing in the 4th part was amazing  & I appreciate being there to see his face.

so many pokemon

[pkmon] - a girl and her egg-baby
New Pokémon anime special/series in October that's gonna focus on Red & Green! Chances that I'm gonna see Misty - if a different one - again. So excited!


live my life with these people

[sm] - matriarch's legacy
I just read through the end of the Dream arc, and the Stars arc for the first the Sailor Moon manga. Oh my gosh it was so good, and it hurt and I just love Usagi so much. I love the entire Moon family. I love her legacy. So formative to me and still so amazing.

I also want a million spin-offs w/ Chibiusa & the Sailor Quartet,. Pink Ladies' Freezing Kiss. :,)

Pokemon is continuing to make me very happy w/ Fairy-type, and Mega Evolutions are the most ridiculously wonderful idea.